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Tracey Nichols Head ShotHELLO,

I’m available for hire

I have worked in various aspects of the web business since the year 2000 and I still find it fascinating that the internet continually evolves and has truly changed the world. Currently I’m looking for casual or temporary contracts.

I’ve had experience in project management and been involved in all stages of the life cycle of a web development project.


What can I do for you

Website Management

  • Competitor analysis
  • Content planning including navigation structure (ie what content you should have, and how to order it)
  • Developing secure WordPress websites
  • Project management of website design, development and content implementation
  • Testing websites for functionality, usability and accessibility
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Building traffic
  • Producing user manuals for you to continue managing the website by yourself
  • Maintaining and updating content
  • Developing email campaigns to engage with users

Social Media Presence

  • Developing social media strategy
  • Implementing a social media strategy, including setting up social media accounts on relevant platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest
  • Developing an annual social media calendar with key events for the year
  • Suggestions for how to engage your customers or target audience
  • Producing user manuals for social media activities so you can continue to do it yourself


Training / User Guides

  • Develop training courses for non-technical users
  • Write easy to follow user guides for non-technical users, including screen shots
  • Deliver training courses for non-technical users

Recent projects

  • Moved Twickenham Twins club website from simple html into WordPress
  • Analysed other twins club websites to refresh and restructure content (aim to reduce workload for committee members answering queries via email.
  • Wrote simple user guides so committee members can update and content appears in correct places automatically – in particular for the social events section.

Twickenham twin club website screenshot