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Bristol: Shaun the Sheep hunting – Part 5

This is Bristol Shaun the Sheep hunt part 5

Shaun’s today: 7
Shaun’s in Bristol total: 70/70
Shaun’s overall: 120/120

Our last day of Shaun hunting!  We had the final 7 Shauns from the Sheep drive trail to tick off.  This was a driving trail which suited us as everyone had pretty sore feet by now. Our first stop was The Mall at Cribbs Causeway, which is also home to the Official Shaun the Sheep trail shop.  We got to get up close and personal with a Gromit from last years trail.  In addition there was a display of Shauns created by the local schools.  Some of them were so clever – Sam was quite taken with Sea Shaun (Mummy it’s like Sea Shore!).  We loved all 3 Shauns here.  Fab-ewe-lous had a few jokes written on it, Bee-dazzled had sparkly sequins, and Shrek Shaun was also pretty cool. He was in the store itself.


Our next stop was Bristol Parkway station.  The downside of 6 year old sat nav meant this Shaun was tricky to find as roads had been blocked off and totally re-worked, so every turn I needed to take wasn’t available to me.  Cue frustration and an extra 15 mins driving time, but finally with the help of google we got there.  Starstruck was bright and fun.


Snuff Mill Park was a gorgeous setting and would have been lovely for a picnic and a play but we were on a mission so we didn’t linger for long.  We did see a lovely waterfall and Emma thought there was also a beaver dam.  I’m not sure if beavers live in the wild here, but it did look a bit like one.

A short distance away we found Melonie in Staple hill leaving us only one more to find.  Just before we got there, we spotted a Gromit in the wild.  And then it was onto Warmley Waiting room (now a cafe) for our last Shaun.  I almost didn’t want to find it as it meant the end of our hunting mission.  Buddleia was absolutely lovely and worthy of being our last Shaun.

So that’s it!  We all felt really proud of ourselves.  I think the kids and Grandma did fantastically well and we hardly had any mutinies during the whole entire hunt.   Overall Sam’s favourite was Rex.  Emma had several favourites, The Queen and Candy Baa from London trail and from Bristol – The unicorn, Fab-ewe-lous (the ice-cream one), Bee-dazzled, the Arthur one, Shrek Shaun, Bingo and the Donut one (Star Bake).  After quite a lot of deliberation, Grandma decided on The Bristol Express as her favourite, with the Woolly wonderland a close second. For me I was really impressed with the Woolly wonderland Shaun, covered entirely in a knitted/ crocheted skin. From London I think Another rides the bus was great.



Bristol: Shaun the Sheep hunting – Part 4

This is Bristol Shaun the Sheep hunt part 4

Shaun’s today: 15
Shaun’s in Bristol total: 63/70
Shaun’s overall: 113/120

The rain stayed away today which was a bonus for us as most of our hunt was on foot – just moving the car once to a second parking location.  We began bright and early again this morning and started and completed the Temple trail. Highlight for everyone today was The Bristol Express Shaun, with his bridge legs and lovely art work.  On his mate, also at the station Emma found a secret message under Shaun’s belly, which excited her.  Again we met many Shaun hunters, some of whom were following our same route, so a race between us ensued for a few Shauns.   Emma and Sam like Bingo this morning which was colourful and covered in numbers. Overall for me it was the scenery of the Quays that stood out rather than the Shaun’s themselves today.   I really enjoyed the gorgeous ruin of Temple Church.  The dark cloud set the ruin out from the sky making for some pretty pictures.


After a refuel at the lovely Cafe Gusto we ticked off 3 more Shauns from the Harbourside trail.  Shaun Bean was a mirrored sheep and quite effective, but also with a reasonable queue so we had to be quick here.  The Pirate Captain had a lot of work to him and was also a highlight of the day. After viewing The Pirate Captain we were invited onto a docked sailing ship.  The kids enjoyed clambering up to the higher decks and playing at being captain themselves.  There were a lot of ropes!!!


Due to some cunning car parking we could head back to the car from here with only a short walk, and along the way we found a bonus Shaun on a boat.  This was not an official Shaun or part of the trail, but a local child told us he was included in last year’s Gromit trail.  Emma called him Mermaid Shaun.


Our final stop for the day was the other end of the Harbourside trail to tick off the final 3 Shaun’s in the main trails of the city.  I loved the play on words with Jarsberry Ram.  Emma’s face in our final Shaun kind of summed up everyone’s feelings.  This was outside Aardman Animation Studio, which had some great stuff in it but they weren’t letting people in so we just had to make do peering through the window.  I saw a life sized model of good old Morph from my childhood.

As we have covered a fair few miles through Bristol we’ve got to know it quite well and have enjoyed the colourful housing styles in several different areas across the city.  I was pleased to have the opportunity to photograph a small portion of this from across the harbour today.

I gave the children the afternoon off and took them to a super playground, where they ignored most of the standard stuff and made do with the amazing natural rock and forest area.  I was roped into the game too so we all got our exercise today.

7 to go tomorrow which are all in the car and we’re done.  Phew!

Bristol: Shaun the Sheep hunting – Part 3

This is Bristol Shaun the Sheep hunt part 3

Shaun’s today: 24
Shaun’s in Bristol total: 48/70
Shaun’s overall: 98/120

So with the rain due at 11am we made an early start on the Harbourside trail ticking off our first Shaun before 9am and earning our Shaun at Breakfast trophy on the app.  We worked backwards through half of this trail from 40-35.  The children enjoyed the harbour side and all its sites as well as the sheep.  We all thought the whale with its recycled water bottle waves and water bottle lids dripping from the tail was really effective. We found a Shaun Exhibit in a store all about sustainability which continued the themes from the harbourside.  But more importantly there was a giant Shaun inside that I think Emma would have liked to have taken home with us.



The rain arrived early and just as we finished the bit of the Harbourside trail on our list for today. So with rain coats on we started the Heritage trail.  My favourite Shaun of the day was on this trail – King Arthur of Lambelot & Excalibaar!.  We got a great photo even in the drizzle.  Sam found his favourite in this trail too….Rex – yep a T-Rex even.  My dino-obsessed boy was in his element.  Arabian Lights was quite elaborate being plugged in with lights shining through and the photo didn’t quite do that one justice.  This trail was very busy with queues at many of the Shauns so along with the rain we didn’t really muck about and soon we were finished by 12pm.



The rain hadn’t let up so we hopped in the car for the 3 Shaun’s on the Farmyard trail.  Here’s where we found Grandma and Emma’s favourite for the day….Sparkles the Unicorn.  Emma liked it for obvious reasons, but Grandma was particularly pleased it was next to a bowling green. Prior to arriving it was to be our lunch spot, picked by Grandma before she knew where it was, but with the rain pouring we kept going.  It would have been lovely on a fine day to spend a bit more time with Primrose on her city farm with all the animals, but again the drizzle kept us going.




At this point around 1pm we’d hit our target of Shaun’s for the day, but despite the rain we were keen for more (yes – everybody!).  I think Sam actually enjoyed it more in the rain!  We picked off one from Bristol’s really spread out trail – called Sheep drive, as it was pretty close to our final day’s trail – Southbank.  I really liked this Shaun too…I think you can tell in the photo, but it’s covered in stamps and called Frank (ha ha ha).


For our last trail of the day we continued in the car and drove around the Southbank set backwards from 51-47. We braved some of the worst rain of the day for these ones but all still with smiles on our faces.  You can’t see but it was absolutely chucking it down in the Posy photo. Cars were lining up, and as one lot finished they waved the next lot out.  Yes apparently we aren’t the only Shaun obsessed people out there.  I was constantly amazed at the number of people doing the trails in the rain. It was fun too to keep bumping into the same people at each Shaun.


Finally as it was on the way home we finished the last one from the Brunel trail that we all but completed on Monday afternoon.  Buttercup was fairly plain but her setting was gorgeous.


Today I’ve learn that Bristol is extremely hilly so practice your hill starts before you come!

Bristol: Shaun the Sheep hunting – Part 2

This is Bristol Shaun the Sheep hunt part 2

Shaun’s today: 17
Shaun’s in Bristol total: 24/70
Shaun’s overall: 74/120


Big day Shaun hunting today.  We attacked the Old City trail first and with only a few misreads of the map found all 10 Shauns by lunchtime.  Not a moment too soon probably.  Luckily lunch took place at a lovely playground.  Highlights of this trail and maybe the entire hunting – Woolly Wonderland.  The entire sheep was covered in an elaborate Woolly jumper that took 500 hours to make.  No wonder it’s the only Shaun we’ve seen fenced off. This was Grandma’s favourite for the day. We also visited the Wallet & Gromit Charity store to spend a bit of pocket money.  Emma got a Shaun that wiggles it’s tail when you pull it and Sam got another set of beloved Top Trumps.



Emma’s favourite was Maisy & friends, but it was so busy we didn’t get a chance to have a good look at this one.  My favourite was the play on words Shaun on the cob, I particularly liked the Cauliflower head and spring onion legs. Sam liked Bagpuss best – which was rather sweet.

We also discoved a lovely lane known as the Christmas steps.  The photo didn’t do it justice.

After lunch we continued the hunt – and with the help of the car we completed the 7km Downs trail. Shaun of the Jungle was the highlight of this trail.  It was full of detail.




Bristol: Shaun the Sheep hunting – Part 1

This is Bristol Shaun the Sheep hunt part 1

Shaun’s today: 7
Shaun’s in Bristol total: 7/70
Shaun’s overall: 57/120

Yay we are back hunting the famous sheep again – in his own home town no less.  With 70 in Bristol I’m not sure we’ll complete them all but we made a good start today.  We are staying in the lovely Clifton area and have a view of the spectacular suspension bridge.  We were lucky enough to walk over that today during our hunt.  Gorgeous gorge views.  It’s really lovely.

We have a new hunter on board – go Grandma!  Kids seemed pleased to see Shaun again, and we could even see one from our front door which excited everyone (probably me the most!).

The Brunel trail was at out our front door so it seemed like a good one to shake the cobwebs from our car trip from London.




Stay tuned – it’s a week of Shaun photo’s ahead.